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Part Number: 667PCH-2

Square To Round Adapters For Goodman Package Units H Chassis Package Unit - 667PCH2


Product Overview

The 667PCH Square to Round Adapters convert the square supply and return of Goodman package units to round or oval which will accommodate round flexible duct. Note: You may need an additional adapter collar for your size flex ducting.

Additional Information

Standard Features:

  • Supply Size: 14-1/8" x 14-1/8" x 14"
  • Return Size: 14-1/8" x 22-1/8" x 14"
  • Galvanized steel provides excellent corrosion resistance and longevity
  • Collar installed with expansion lock and then sealed air tight with hot melt glue or parabond aluminum adhesive
  • Black diffuser board coated with EPA-registered anti-microbial protective acrylic agent along air stream side
  • Sold in sets of one supply and one return

Technical Details

Unit Type:
For Small H Chassis Package Units
Product Family: